Reports and help

Have you witnessed or suspected a violation of the rights of a child/adolescent? You can report at the Office for the Protection of Rights (OPR) in your commune, police bodies (the Chilean military police force Carabineros and the civilian Investigations Police of Chile [PDI]) or directly to the public prosecutor’s office or courts. You do… Continue reading Reports and help

Absent System

An unknown call. A familiar voice, but impossible to recognize. Josefina (53) barely managed to ask: “But are you sure? How do you know this?” – I am almost certain that the Madame is giving medicines to the girl. She is giving her Klonopin to make her sleep. Please, do something about it- it was… Continue reading Absent System

The Fear

“Say you fell out of the scooter,” his mother told five-year-old Felipe before getting into the school van. “I don’t really remember much about what happened that day,” says the boy, who is now 10. His father, Gaston, fills the gaps in his story. That day it was his turn to pick him up from… Continue reading The Fear

Perfect Families

The sidewalks were empty that morning, and no one peeped through those high fences and walls that surrounded the neighboring houses. The order was clear: go for a walk around the block, jogging, wearing his underwear only. Even in that loneliness, the humiliation was obvious. “The boy, who was 12 years old, had not been… Continue reading Perfect Families


It was five o’clock in the morning and I.M.’s father was returning home to Las Condes, a high-class commune in Santiago, after a long business trip to China. “What did you learn yesterday at school?” he asked the six-year-old, waking him up. Confused, half asleep, he replied: “To add.” “Tell me how much is two… Continue reading Invisible

Denuncias y ayuda

¿Ha sido testigo o sospecha de una vulneración de derechos a un NNA? Puede denunciar en la Oficina de Protección de Derechos (OPD) de su comuna, a las policías (Carabineros, PDI) o directamente en fiscalía o tribunales. No necesita estar ligado directamente con el niño, solo requiere expresar su interés de protegerlo. Las denuncias no… Continue reading Denuncias y ayuda

Sistema ausente

Una llamada desconocida. Una voz familiar, pero imposible de reconocer. Josefina (53) solo atinaba a preguntar: “¿Pero tú estás segura? ¿Cómo sabes esto?”. – Yo estoy casi segura de que la señora le está dando medicamentos a la niña, que le está dando Ravotril para dormir. Por favor, usted preocúpese del tema– se escuchó del… Continue reading Sistema ausente